Bring strength, safety, and class to the tough passionate offroaders
Why we do what we do

Our “Why”

We wanted to create and recreate beasts for unknown trails and buckled them up with sophisticated styling and ingenious modifications.

That gets us going every day.

…because the off-roading community doesn’t need more places to go. It needs to have safe and thrilling experiences wherever they go.

That trust holds us up every time we have a new off-roading problem to solve!

Our Customers

The Biggest Drive

The love we receive through social media, WhatsApp, emails, and sometimes delivered to our company doorstep, is just amazing. We’re grateful to have been able to build such a rewarding community of true off-roaders. Offroading accessories are just one way that we stay connected to people who share the same passion as we have.
The Story Bit

Behind The Brand

Driving to unusual places was something we enjoyed doing, which fueled our desire to start Prad Automotive.

With exquisite style and clever adaptations, we strapped them up to create and recreate vehicles for uncharted routes.

As we produced the first off-road bumper sets in 2009, we began our mission to dominate the market.

Founder Brothers -
Pradeep Mothukuri & Rakesh Mothukuri